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Found 4 results

  1. I have to say that if a passenger's mobility is too limited to allow access to an upper bunk then that person should probably be in a handicapped cabin, not to stigmatise the person but so that the BF crew can provide the appropriate assistance in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Ed
  2. A new BF experience on Monday morning - Armorique instead of Mont (annuals and ???) My first time on board the fleet's most modern ship. First impressions: a different "look" from MSM and Normandie – but usual high standard of service. Morning sailing, so didn't see cabins, and didn't really explore much beyond the self-service restaurant and the bar. Seeing me juggle walking stick and breakfast tray, the cashier immediately offered to take my food to the table. A very welcome service, that I've had a few times before - one of the advantages of being on a lightly loaded crossing. On the subject of service, my impression – based on mobility assistance and reception, breakfast plus later coffee and a couple of drinks in the bar - is that the crew are all very helpful and cheerful. On several of last year's crossings on board Normandie and the Mont there seemed to be one or two "grumpies" – but no sign of that on Armorique. Smart, cheerful and helpful, even at 08:30. Just what you need on a damp and chilly morning. Speaking of which, I was impressed with what I glimpsed of the aft deck with ample seating – before being driven back inside by a cold gust of rain.
  3. €1.5 million is set to be invested into in the ferry terminal at Ouistreham as part of a wider plan to develop the port. The eastern pier will also be developed to accommodate maintenance activities for the future offshore wind facility at Courseulles-sur-Mer. The lock gates width will also be increased to allow larger cargo vessels to enter the canal. Source: http://www.maritimejournal.com/news101/marine-civils/port,-harbour-and-marine-construction/developments-for-renewables-and-larger-vessels-at-ouistreham
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