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Kingoland, Plumelin/Locminé Brittany


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If anyone is looking for something to do in the Morbihan area of Brittany, I can thoroughly recommend Kingoland theme park (Plumelin / Locminé). It is straight off the N24 motorway, very easy from Pontivy/Baud, and from looking on the map it looks easy from Lorient/Vannes/Auray/Ploermel/Loudéac.


It's not Thorpe Park / Drayton Manor but it's great for all ages, children, adults and there are lots of more gentle rides in addition to the rollercoasters / pirate ship. It's also very good value at 15€ for adults (adults meaning everybody above 11). We went last year too and they've installed a number of new rides). Whilst they have shorter opening hours in September/October and March/May (I think) they open at 10:30 in July/August and close at 6:30 (though it's extremely quiet to start off with as the French don't tend to come out until after 2).


We have been here already for a couple of weeks and move on further down south next week and will seriously consider going again before we do.



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