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Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

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The actual reason for the tow is because the MCA would not allow the vessel to sail from Turkey under her own power as there was no accommodation for the crew. This is obviously something which has ch

Wight Elephant?

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A few issues have arisen with the new check in system. Firstly only 1 booth is used. On arrival if there are vehicles checking in as freight you cannot see the writing on the ground that says cars go left. You can only see the left lane that says Drop Off Lane. This means cars follow freight by mistake. Also if an artic checks in they tend to keep as far right as possible so they can swing into lanes 14-16. However, cars checking in are coming from the left and can assume artic is going to exit the terminal as the lane says exit. If the artic driver is unaware of cars to the left and the cars unaware the lorry is not going out but swinging left you end up with what happened the other day...Crunch!. Luckily it was not serious but could have been. There needs to be a big rethink. Perhaps the toilet block should have been knocked down and straighter check in lanes used. It's lack of space again that causes these problems. Crossing over different styles of traffic is always going to carry a risk.

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Used it yesterday and thought how quick it all was check in was very quick got there 4.25 for 5 pm sailing. ferries all running full turned vow round in 20 mins even tho full of vehicles. loads of seats available .the double deck loading was brilliant ..the vow is a nice ship and I hope they get another one for once I was impressed with the service.

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1 hour ago, adicat said:

Also impressive is Graces bakery All Day Breakfast sandwich at Camber cafe,  may be £4 but actually unlike others thus is filled right to back of triangle. Wightlink have a good super there. 😁

What???..they have triangular rolls?? 🤣😂...There will soon be a queue

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