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Old BF brochures and other material

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What a great photo, thanks for posting Simon.


Any idea what the vessel is on the current berth? Can almost detect BF colouring on the funnel but hull looks a darker colour and not obvious what BF ship it could be. Any idea what year the photo was taken?

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Bit of a long shot but anyone have the timetable for Plymouth - Roscoff around Easter 2000? That was my first trip on Brittany Ferries after a week working in Okehampton. Be interested to know which vessel was running the service then.


Don't know about the timetable, but the main vessel on the Plymouth-Roscoff route at that time was Quiberon, with the occasional sailing by Val de Loire when positioning between Plymouth and Roscoff for the Santander and Cork services respectively.

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On 11/02/2016 at 16:07, Hinkley said:

Badge that they use to sell on the ferries a while ago. Well maybe, more than a while ago.

Found the below pin badge in the loft bit of a rare one 


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It is truly fascinating that the Val almost ended up going to Amsterdam had it not been for bad weather! I would love to see the itenery for that!

I wonder why they never tried it again in following years?

It is ironic that she now does that special New Years sailing every year for DFDS as 'King Seaways.'

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