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New cowes floating bridge

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Quite surprised you got to the end of your post without it being suspended again 😄

Spotted laid up by the Gosport Ferry Terminal today    (Apologies for poor image quality )

Not too old at all, On BFE we are all juvenile trainspotter types. That's what the site is all about.

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At least it's still floating! Perhaps a longer shake down period  would have been advisable and to not have inaugurated the service in the 13th of the month. The approach angles do look wrong in the photos but I've seen worse. I remember watching a Jaguar towing a caravan try to disembark from a CalMac ferry on the west coast of Scotland (Tarbet on Loch Fyne) and the entire under-chassis structure being ripped off.  They had to being in a tractor to unload the caravan and even then used wooden blocks to reduce the angles. Ed. 

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2 hours ago, Cabin-boy said:

I think one can expect someone to lose either their job or at very least their council seat next time the elections come around. I doubt the locals will forget this fiasco in a hurry. Ed.  

You are joking, someone lose their job?  Only if they have pay off.

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1 hour ago, Cabin-boy said:

Crashing into something that is not moving and hasn't done so for over a week seems like carelessness. Ed 

It has been under test I believe - it was certainly moving yesterday at 17.30, both Andy and myself saw it with our own eyes.

(We also had a much longer drive from West to East Cowes due to it not being in place)

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