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Depends on the reason, Ray. If it was reasonably outside the control of the company, then there is no automatic right to compensation.

If however that is not the case, there are eu regulations that explain what the company must do...


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Write to their customer services department.


I was caught up in the Normandie's issues last week and my sailing was the first to be cancelled (Tuesday AM).


I HAD to get back to the UK before the PM for a family gathering and was notified via text around 8pm on the Monday night, so BF customer services were not there to assist, and wouldn't have been open until after (my now cancelled crossed) would have departed, I ended up having to book up a single Calais-Dover with P&O which I hated.


Spirit of France is a miserable stale feeling 'Motorway services' ship with torn seats, dirt everywhere and grumpy staff. Sure, it's the Dover-Calais run, but it was such a miserable experience and made me more frustrated that I wasn't sailing back on a relaxing BF crossing on a nice ship with good food and cabin. :(


I then had to do the depressing drive from Dover back to Glastonbury in the south west.


To cut a long story shorter, I wrote and complained about the extra fuel and extra cost in ticket and was given a £50 travel voucher from BF which was great as that covered the fuel and the ticket difference and a friend at BF had already refunded the return portion of my sailing with them. It was still highly frustrating as my 'relaxing' return was anything but as my Calais ferry arrived at 1am on the Tuesday morning and I didn't get through my front door until 5am!


Needless to say though, BF were VERY quick in dealing with everything and despite a miserable crossing and drive back from Dover, all's well that ends well.


They may refer you to your travel insurance however for out-of-pocket expenses such as hotel and living costs. It might be worth writing to them to see if they'll cover your insurance excess with some sort of BF voucher recommence.

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