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Decorative Flags - 8th June

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South Today on BBC1 about to have a report on the 40 years.


Interesting story with some nice archive footage, just saw it on iPlayer - I didn't realise how small Armorique (I) was in comparison to "today's" fleet was!

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Is it not also 40 years of the Portsmouth to St Malo route? Haven't seen anything mentioned about this.


That's effectively same thing as 40 years of Portsmouth CFP. St Malo (and TT to Cherbourg) were the first services to operate from the CFP.

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I love it when the fleet are dressed in flags, always the sign of a symbolic or special occasion.


A few times in recent memory include the BF 40th anniversary and D-Day anniversary commemerations.



Defintley agree, they really do look something when fully dressed out

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