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DFDS Dover-Calais timetable

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I am due to cross the Dover Strait at the end of September and I would like to sample the ex-Rodin & Berlioz in their new guise. The DFDS website does not give any indication on the ship schedules. I would like to avoid Calais Seaways which is the worst ship on the Strait in my opinion.


Does anyone know the schedules of Cote des Flandres or Cote des Dunes?



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I was going to suggest that but just stopped short because I don't know the extent to which the actual times of departures match what is scheduled on the D-C route. Can imagine a shuttle service like that falling behind to the point where what happens in practice may not bear much resemblance to the theory. But if the observed departures do give a reliable indication of the paper schedules then absolutely this is the way to work it out.

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The DFDS website offers the opportunity for live chat ( but in writing I think) with their customer services team. I reckon you would get an answer there.


Live chat is very slow on there.... The responces are very slow, and actually getting an agent is hard on there.


In terms of the timetable though as follows:

Dover-Calais Calais-Dover

Sailing Time Vessel Sailing Time Vessel

0:45 Calais Seaways 1:05 Cote Des Flandres

2:45 Cote Des Flandres 2:30 Cote Des Dunes

4:10 Cote Des Dunes 4:15 Calais Seaways

5:50 Calais Seaways 6:10 Cote Des Flandres

7:40 Cote Des Flandres 7:40 Cote Des Dunes

9:10 Cote Des Dunes 9:20 Calais Seaways

10:40 Calais Seaways 10:55 Cote Des Flandres

12:15 Cote Des Flandres 12:25 Cote Des Dunes

13:45 Cote Des Dunes 13:55 Calais Seaways

15:15 Calais Seaways 15:30 Cote Des Flandres

16:50 Cote Des Flandres 17:00 Cote Des Dunes

18:20 Cote Des Dunes 18:30 Calais Seaways

19:55 Calais Seaways 20:10 Cote Des Flandres

21:35 Cote Des Flandres 21:40 Cote Des Dunes

23:05 Cote Des Dunes 23:15 Calais Seaways





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