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Why don't more ferry companies do this?

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Just come back from Malta, and the ferry company over there, Virtue Ferries, operates between Malta and Sicily. Now what Virtue Ferries offers are coach daytrips. The one I went on was for Taomina and Mt Etna. Now this got me thinking, why do more companies not do this? BF could do a something similar for say Caen or Cherbourg? A coach tour to Mont St Michel from St Malo would be good, but obviously it would need to be on the few days BF operate with night crossings each way.

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P & O offer coach tours to Ostend, Ghent and Bruges from Zeebrugge. Also offering coaches to Rotterdam and Amsterdam from Europort and DFDS also do an Amsterdam one. Over here P & O do a coach tour to York from Hull too. Not sure if there are other uk locations. Have BF ever done anything similar?

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Condor offer such coach tours around both Jersey and Guernsey, with the options of a stop for lunch I believe. I'm not so sure if you can get off, visit something and then get back on again. I think it's just a circular tour, and maybe just for those crossing from France on day trips as you get around 8 hours ashore and then have time for some shopping in the afternoon. As we have heard on here, the day trips from the UK don't seem to allow enough time for such excursions.


As for BF, last year we took a similar trip from France to the UK with overnight crossings from Roscoff to Plymouth and back and a coach transfer to the Eden Project in the morning followed by a few hours in Polperro in the late afternoon. They have not offered it again this year and I've not heard of anything offered in St Malo or Cherbourg/Caen for British visitors. There may be local travel agencies who would consider running excursions if say a group of WW2 enthusiasts wanted to visit the D-Day beaches and memorials. I'm sure the Royal British Legion or other veterans' groups have lists of contact names.



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