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Mock ferry industry New Years honours list 2017

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Seeing as its the time of year where various 'end of year; awards are dished out for various 'end of year' reasons I have devised a mock New Year's honours list for outstanding contribution from vessels of any fleet or kind....so here goes....fell free to add your own.....


DFDS Seaways: King Seaways: Outstanding contribution to the ferry industry over the last (circa) 3 decades under various names and companies and maintaining high level of service and plaudits from customers alike.


Brittany Ferries: Bretagne: Again almost 3 decades of outstanding near faultless service under the same operator. Relaible, efficient, unique, popular and never ageing.


Tallkink: Silja Europa: Longevity, diversity and outstanding contribution to service and its role in the search and rescue effort during the Estonia incident.


Color Line: Color Majic/Color Fantasy: Size, quality, comfort and design. A true beacon and untouched marker of the standard of modern day cruise ferries.


Smyrll Line: Norrona: Relaibilty in the face of adversity, most scenic route of Northern Europe, excellent design and comfort.


P&O Ferries: Pride of York/Pride of Bruges: Once again for longevity, relaibilty and comfort of service.


Irish Ferries: Ullyses: For outstanding contribution to service and for its sheer dominance of the Irish Sea.


Posthumous awards go to:


Le Quiberon



Herald of Free Enterprise

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One would HAVE to go to Condor Liberation - purely for still being around despite all the attempts to see her off....😉


Nova Star for just getting and keeping a job!!


Both those ships sat around unemployed in shipyards for years and despite lots of negative opinions of them from some quarters, they are plodding on.


Always like the underdogs, me!!

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Can a special award go to Cabin Boy and Gareth for commenting almost on every thread together. Are you the same person. Year award for forum double act then... Or share the biggest post count of the year....


BFE has turned into a forum dominated by two posters, lol!!!

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Ha!!! Where is he then - when I posted I did a heads or tails on whichever one of you would post first, and then the other would post shortly after - was right wasn't I. Now, Gareth - I am sure Bob would be honoured... Anyway, must think about booking dearest Libby....😄

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