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Hello. Welcome to the new look BFE. :)

There have been quite a few changes during our upgrade works. We can't possibly cover everything in detail, but here's a few headlines:

We've changed software... the site now runs on 'Invision Power' software, which is much quicker, much more stable and much more upgradeable than the previous platform. From your perspective, we should have a site that's far less buggy with much less of a tendency to fall over every couple of hours. To support this, we've also changed host to one who's far more flexible than our previous one. We also now have a second 'test' site where we can tinker away before moving things to the live site. There are a lot of new features, so please explore and give them a try.

Find what you're interested in, easily... using the 'Activity' option on the menu to see what's unread, or topics you've started.

The Gallery is back!... Yes, that one really does deserve an exclamation mark. We lost our image gallery back in 2014. Work has gone into restoring it, and you can find it either by clicking the menu bar or here. Right now, we've put back images of the BF Fleet and more will follow. The one catch is we don't have the original attributes/owners of photos, but in each case we can be contacted to update the credit if you're the original owner. We also have copies of some individual member galleries which will be restored in due course - the catch here is we don't actually know which member they belong to so will need some help identifying them as we go.

The main site will be coming back... we have all the old content, but it really is old and needs an update. As this gets done, you'll see new options on the menu appear.

We're better on mobile... the site now works better on mobile tablets and devices, and even allows for the upload of photos etc directly from your device. Give it a try

How do I?... a lot of the site is pretty self explanatory, but if you're having problems you can ask a question and we'll do our best to find the answer. You might also find that parts of the site don't quite work as you expect, and that may be something we need to change. The 'ask a question' board is the right place for these queries too.

Is that an advert?... Yes. We've opted to add a single advert to the site which if used to book with Brittany Ferries generates a small amount of revenue for the site. Whilst we provide BFE as a free service staffed by volunteers, we do still have costs to pay. On the new site, our hosting costs have gone down but in parallel our software now works on a recurring license charge - so every little helps. We don't plan to extend the advertising further.

Staff Changes... The same volunteer team continue to run BFE, but juggling this alongside real life means that we do find ourselves with less time to dedicated to keeping an eye on things. To that extent Gareth has kindly agreed to join our moderation team to help out.

Contacting Us... Click the link at the bottom of the page, fill in the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

That's pretty much it for now - enjoy!




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All looking good, thank you. I like the advert with the "book now" button as it will remind me to book through this site, something I'd sometimes forget before when the booking facility was less obvious.

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Well done, it all seems to have gone very smoothly although I have no doubt there has been a lot of work and activity behind the scenes.

New format looks very clean and should be easy to get used to.

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Hi All,

Just taking the chance to have a proper read of things this evening - thanks to all for the kind words. From our side we're very happy to have a site that functions smoothly for the first time in 'a while' (late 2014...). So far so good it seems in terms of site stability (I'll conveniently ignore the fact the host's database server fell over a few times yesterday!) and it seems most queries have been more around how things work/if there's a feature rather than an error. If I look back to the snagging list when the last forums were launched there's a very noticeable difference (and much less swearing from me).

There's still a lot of work to be done from our side in bringing content back. It's at this point I put my technical feet up a little bit and defer to @Andy to work his magic. Things are underway already and there's a sneak preview below. Things will appear on the menu as they come back, and we'll also announce anything of significance. 

Please please please feel free to add photos to the gallery. We've still got some more tweaking to do to add categories, but counting what's been restored and what's been added we've got a library of 3,134 images available for browsing at the time of writing. I've still got some more to go, but as most of those were uploaded in blocks of 100 there's only so much the brain could take over the weekend ;)

Since turning the site on, a couple of extra features have been enabled. You can now click 'Like this' on individual posts if you want to acknowledge it without leaving a full reply. Images and threads also now have star ratings which you can click to express a level of approval. We've held off enabling 'reputation' for individuals and positive/negative ratings for posts as it doesn't really add anything. There are a few more features we can switch on as we go - and if we do we'll let you know.

Please continue to enjoy the site - you can use the 'New Site Q&A' forum for any queries.

Bon surfing. 



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You guys have both done an incredible job with this Jim, and it seems to have gone more smoothly (and more quickly) than envisaged.  Well done, and the new site seems to have been very well-received. :)

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3 minutes ago, newda898 said:

Looks great and runs so much faster, thanks for the update! 

Have just found a few photos (and filenames) in the gallery I've recognised too.

Great stuff - if they are yours, leave a comment and we can change the owner from 'Admin' to the rightful owner.

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