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Things you missed the first time...

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I thought this might be a fun topic. Whilst planning my next trip to Caen, I realised that when I visited Cabourg (just to visit the beach @ plage du casino) I completely missed the historic centres of Cabourg/Dives-sur-Mer/Houlgate.

What charming sights have you accidentally missed on your first trip(s) somewhere?

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Quite a few years ago we arrived back in Caen too early to get into a hotel room so we 'found' Memorial museum and arriving in early afternoon we had plenty of time for a good look around, we were quite absolutely impressed by the detail and content of their exhibits. We have been back since and we are still greatly moved by the message that the museum displays to the world.

Perhaps charming isn't quite the right word for this one we were glad we found, eventually.

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Similar to you, Penguin, I missed Dives-sur-Mer the first time I stayed in Cabourg.

Also, it took a couple of trips to Dinan before I discovered the Musee Yvonne Jean-Haffen - a wonderful house and garden overlooking the Rance.

More deliberately, I missed out the tapestry in Bayeux, having already seen the (free) copy in Reading museum. :)

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