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Plymouth - Roscoff - Plymouth 26/05 - 04/06

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We travellled to Roscoff from Plymouth on Friday 26th May on the 08:00. We arrived at Plymouth Ferryport at 6:45 and we were put into the shortest check in lane. We though that this would be good as we will be on quickly. An hour later we eventually checked in after all the cars that arrived after us were directed to go down past the king point marina building and were queuing down that side. All of these cars passed us whilst we were still waiting to check in. A man from Brittany Ferries walked around the lanes telling people to leave their passports open and he said to us that the reason for our lanes delay was because the car in front had an expired passport so that's why we didn't move for an hour but this wasn't true as they then told us there was a computer error in the check in booth. If they knew that this was a problem they should have filtered out our lane into the other lanes of moving traffic so we could be checked in and the ferry could leave on time. However, once we cleared check in we were in our cabin in about 5 minutes so it wasn't too bad.

When we eventually got on the ferry it was packed. The queue for the self service restaurant was going all the way down past the bar on deck 7 so we decided to get the express breakfast. We ended up getting 25% off the bill as we are club voyage members but we were not expecting that we thought that there was only going to be a 10% discount in the onboard catering outlets. Our cabin was on deck 8. We had a club cabin, 8326. The cabin was dirty. There were crumbs on the floor and the window sill was covered in dust which we didn't expect. Disembarkation was quick and simple and we were out of the port in about 15 minutes from getting off the ferry.

We returned on Sunday 4th June on the Pont Aven at 9:15. We sailed through check in and went into lane 14. Whilst we were driving down the lane customs were searching all of the cars in that lane and the one over from us. They walked right past us and no one in our lane was searched. When we got onto the ferry, we went right to our cabin Commodore Cabin ,8411. We were told that we were the first ones up to the cabin area so we had our breakfast brought to us very quickly so we could eat in plenty of time before we left. The ferry left Roscoff about 30 minutes late but we did get some fantastic shots of the Armorique as we sailed past her leaving port. 

Both ways we we opted for the salads from the self service restaurant. These salads are £4.00 to £4.50 each and they are massive and they were all fresh. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

When we got off the ferry in Plymouth we were queued for about half an hour which is to be expected and then we were directed through to the lorry boarder control with about 50 other cars. This did make the time in port a lot less meaning that we were able to get home quickly.

All in all a pleasant journey both ways just a shame about the check in on the departure.

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