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Seaborne Freight to reopen Ramsgate/Ostende?

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On 23/03/2018 at 09:59, Cabin-boy said:

The old Nord Pas de Calais (which had been at anchor in the Bay of Cadiz) is currently on charter in the Canaries for a couple of months before presumably coming north for this new route if it's still on the cards. Ed. 

I wouldn't hold my breath for a Ramsgate - Ostend appearance..

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Seaborne is more of a forwarding / agency business than a shipowner or operator. 

AIUI they do a lot of trucking work with Japanese-American companies clustered nearby their main US base at Torrance (between LAX and Long Beach / Port of LA for anyone who knows California) but I don't have an idea of their international scale.

I think Honda was an early inward investor in the area and many other trans-Pac companies followed. "If you're looking for freight transportation, Torrance is the place to look," I'm told.

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