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Le Havre / Rosslare / Roscoff route ?


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To develop the BF traffic France / Ireland, could one imagine a route Roscoff / Rosslare operated jointly with a new route Rosslare / Le Havre.

Roscoff > Rosslare > Le Havre > Rosslare > Roscoff ...

Le Havre has a strong potential Freight and can capture a Parisian clientele for whom Cherbourg is too far.

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For passenger traffic Roscoff is certainly advantageous Vs Chebrourg and Cherbourg is the best option for Irish Freight.

The changes ahead for Irish Ferries with Dublin - Cherbourg becoming the dominant service over Rosslare is potentially a game-changer too.

Add to that the B word though I'm reluctant to dwell on that too much as most studies I have seen suggest that we need a fairly extreme Brexit to see huge huge changes to existing Ireland - Continental Europe traffic patterns.

I don't see BF expanding Ireland - France anytime soon but in view of the above who knows.  

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BREXIT : The French Minister of Transport want a new direct Link Le Havre / Ireland for a new corridor "Méditerranée / Paris / Le Havre / Ireland 

A new Opportunity for Brittany Ferries (Le Havre <> Rosslare ?)


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58 minutes ago, Gareth said:

Is this an announcement or an expression of a wish?  I can’t see where in the article it says that this is happening “soon”.  (And it’s clearly nothing to do with BF even if it is talking about something concrete).

There's something going on as Glenn Carr Irish Rails port manager there has publicly said that they're talking to companies about direct links to Belgium, Holland, France & Spain with an injection of cash from the EU for the first 18-24 months. I'd suggest that the former two will be RoRo and the latter two RoPax. You're right though, It's clearly a case of wait and see but BF being seduced into relocating in the next couple of years wouldn't be a big surprise everything considered.

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