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Property Owners card not good value with hardly any useful sailings for 3 months

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53 minutes ago, jeff cot said:

Think yourself lucky, not everyone lives so close to any BF ferry crossing. Hull would be handier for me living in North Derbyshire! but we still do 6 crossings a year from Poole or Portsmouth, 3hrs 45 and 3hrs 30 respectively.

We live 7 hours away from Portsmouth more from Plymouth or Poole but still make a decent saving on our 2 crossings a year.

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We have BF's Cercle Voyageur membership in France.It costs 90Euros for a year's membership.With our 3 visits last year we must have saved over 200 Euros ,not counting the free breakfast when we travel overnight or the percentage reduction on other meals. As well as that you can give your family or friends discount vouchers.It's a great deal and I better not forget to renew it as my membership runs out this month!

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Ply -Roscoff shown in the published timetable as operating 9/3/18. 
But in the updates on the BF site it says it goes to Caen instead. Fine.

Try to book this on line. It doesn't exist, I presume one has to call the reservations dept. Funny way to run things.

What about all the west country folk and Midlanders who use Plymouth as a way to France? Why not advertise it as a one off?

Bet its mostly empty by cancellations for those who must have Roscoff as their destinations. Maybe it will operate empty!

Just an observation about all the talk here about limited services over winter from Plymouth.

I'll still save a lot over the year as a Club member so I'm grateful for that.

Take care


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