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Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018


NEWS: The Official Press Release regarding the new Ireland - Spain route can be read here. 16/01/18

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1 hour ago, David Williams said:

The Etretat is pretty basic as well, I find it great for Overnight Portsmouth - Le Havre as I am in my cabin all of the time, however I would not want to spend anytime during the daytime on the ship (which is why we always return from Ouistreham) , I really could not imagine spending 27 hours on it !

I totally agree.

Even some "Trip Advisors" complain that the PA and CF don't have enough things-to-do on-board for their Spanish routes.

While BF are to be lauded for their new route. I think the Connemara might be a little to spartan a ship even for the commercial truck drivers onboard. 

Another thing is, people who have experienced the PA and have seen a picture of the Connemara and read the travel advisory when booking might be expecting a ship 2 or 3 notches down from the PA but not 8 or 9 notches. Like being used to Novotel, expecting an IBIS Styles but actually getting a HotelF1!

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Spoke to some Irish bikers in Spain this week, they were happy with it, they knew what they were getting and it's better than the alternative via the UK.

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I'm looking forward to traveling on the Connemara , hopefully soon. We here in Ireland need to support this new route, sure it's economie, but we are aware of that as already stated. 

I agree too with the small price diff. on the Roscoff routes, doesn't look good.


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Interesting post from IF enthusiasts site ...  Speculation is rife because IF's winter schedule will only have the Epsilon running with the Oscar Wilde stopping in early October
The enhanced Brittany Ferries service from Cork - Roscoff is having an impact with loads well ahead of target, the Cork - Santander service has also exceeded expectations but keep in mind expectations of a new route in its second month of operation would not be overly high, from what I have seen so far most of the passenger traffic is Irish and the bulk of the HGV's are Spanish (with a surprising number of UK registered units using it also).
Talking to people involved in the operation there is strong speculation that another Brittany Ferries vessel will be added to the Cork operation next year (bringing it to a 3 ship operation), Brittany Ferries is planning to rebrand its Economie services to differentiate them from their premium product (cruise ferries), if another ship does arrive in Cork it is not yet known if it will be another Economie vessel or a cascade from Brittany Ferries own fleet.
All that said it is still early days and the winter timetables for Cork - Roscoff and Cork - Santander have yet to be published, and those will be a good indication of how well the service is deemed to be performing.

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