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Red Jet 3 for sale

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On 4/6/2018 at 21:47, apinnard said:

I’m sure I read an article sometime in 2017 where the M.D of RF stated they were going to have three ‘Jets on the run. 

If they're going down to 2, this is not good news.

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I believe they are looking to get rj8 as rj4 has only got a few good years left and trying to keep the shipyard sweet as it aqquires the land is key to the redevelopment of the terminal

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On 17/08/2018 at 07:42, eagleeye said:

Red jet 3 seems to of vanished has anyone seen her anywhere 

Last I saw of her was alongside at Wight Shipyard (the union jack hangar) during Cowes Week. Not been down that way since though.

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Red Funnel’s Red Jet 3 sold to Croatian ferry company

27 Mar 2019 — Following more than 20 years of sailing the Solent, Red Funnel’s hi-speed passenger catamaran ferry, Red Jet 3, will be sailing into sunnier climates and warmer waters, following a recent purchase by a Croatian ferry company.

Red Jet 3, which was built in Cowes on the Isle of Wight by FBM Marine in 1998, will be affiliated with Adriatic Fast Ferries Ltd and sail under the new name 'Adriatic Express', which is yet to be confirmed.

Within her new service, Red Jet 3 will be operating in the Split region of Croatia, where she will be serving passengers on a brand-new multi-leg route. Running from Split airport, calling at Split’s passenger port and onto its outlying destination islands including Bol on the island of Brač and Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, where thousands of tourists holiday each year.

Alan Klanac, D.Sc. Nav.Arch, director of the buyers, said: “When we heard that Red Funnel was selling Red Jet 3, we jumped at the chance, she’s a super vessel and her capacity and size are perfect for what we had in mind. I first visited Red Funnel in the summer of 2017 and had the opportunity to stay in West Cowes. Red Funnel is a trusted ferry provider and I was very impressed with the warm welcome from its staff and its operations.

“I only recently started the company with Ralph Axelson of Nordic HSCO AB of Sweden, with the aim of developing a dedicated fast ferry service to passengers travelling between airports and summer destinations. Red Jet 3 will be Adriatic Fast Ferries Ltd’s first vessel however, we aim to build on our success and increase the fleet and services in the future.

“Red Jet 3 is going to have a busy summer season, catering for thousands of tourists visiting the Croatian islands off Split. We envision the service being extremely popular as it will offer passengers a quick and convenient way to reach the islands, direct from Split airport. I’m delighted to be taking over Red Jet 3, and I extend a warm welcome to all her faithful passengers over the years to come and say hello to her on the Adriatic.”

Red Funnel CEO, Fran Collins, added: “Red Jet 3 was one of our original Solent Class Hi-Speed catamaran ferries and has transported millions of passengers across the Solent over the last two decades. She has been a great vessel and is a well-loved member of the Red Funnel ferry family - we hope Adriatic Fast Ferries Ltd enjoy many years of sailing.”

Red Jet 3 can accommodate 173 seated passengers and three crew and is powered by two MTU diesel engines, each driving an MJP waterjet to give a service speed of 35 knots. Setting off to her new home, Red Jet 3 was lifted out of the water in Southampton on March 25 and hoisted onto a marine freight forwarder, where she will be transported to Croatia.

Red Funnel will now have three Red Jet Hi-Speed catamarans deployed in the UK on its cross-Solent ferry route, all powered by high-speed MTU diesel engines with waterjet propulsion. The ferries travel from Southampton to West Cowes on the Isle of Wight every 30 to 60 minutes during the day.

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Former 'Red Jet 3' now 'Adriatic Express' which will connect Resnik with Split, Brac and Hvar when she begins service.

Image: @splitexpress via Twitter.


On June 1st this year,  passengers will be transported between the Split Airport and the island of Brac (Bol) and Hvar (Stari Grad), and the city of Split with a fast catamaran branded as splitexpress.com.

This service will shorten for several hours a trip to the islands of Brac and Hvar from the Split airport in relation to the trip so far available by public transport. Tickets are sold at www.splitexpress.com , and can already be purchased for travel throughout the season.Tickets will also be available at your own sales staff in Split airport, and at selected partners in Split, Bol and Stari Grad. Direct connection of the Split airport with the islands by public liner shipping has been waiting for years for years. 

- When a chance came to us at the beginning of this year to buy the appropriate catamaran, we decided to launch this unique service - said Alan Klanac , one of the two founders of Adriatic Fast Ferries doo, a shipping company behind the service Splitexpress.com. (Translated from Google)




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