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And Then There Was One.....

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Forgive me for a bit of self-indulgent nostalgia.

My interest in ferries started in the 1970s and, at the time, centred upon Townsend Thoresen, as the company that used to transport us on all my childhood family holidays.  I have watched the former TT fleet gradually dwindle over the years.

Well, I have just discovered that we are now down to the very last former TT passenger ferry still in service.  A couple of the former freight fleet (Via Mare, ex-European Clearway and Sea Partner, ex-Cerdic Ferry) are still in service in the Eastern Med and Black Sea respectively.  But apart from them, there is now just one solitary former member of the passenger fleet still in service - none other than the 53 year-old, 1965-built third member of the original Thoresen Viking fleet, Viking III, still sailing as Red Star 1 between Brindisi and Vlore.

Vitsentzos Kornaros, ex-Viking Viscount, is still around but has been out of service at the shipyard at Perama since last August.  So, if she does not return to service (hhvferry, any ideas on that?), then Viking III will be the last of the line to survive in service.  Amazing! 

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