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Predicting Bretagne route

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Evening all.

I have travelled the day time, North bound, St Malo to Portsmouth route 4 times. All 4 times we have always taken the shorter route that passes East of Jersey, betweeen the island and the Contentin peninsula.

Although it is a really interesting route with a lot to see, I would like to actually take the normal Western Route with views of both islands and also Herm and Alderney. 

So my question is, is there away I can predict when the Bretagne will take the shorter route and thus avoid those dates when booking?

I know the departure times vary from time to time but I'm not sure if this is an indication of the days route choice or just reflective of low water at St Malo. 

If anybody can help it would be appreciated.


Thanks,  Gunwharf 



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There are a number of factors they need to consider, but if you are looking to avoid the "La Déroute" passage east of Jersey, your best bet will be to have Low Water St Malo between 1 and 3 hours after departure, as the passage between Chausey and the Minquiers, the through the rocks SE of Jersey is not ideal with little depth.

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