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GDPR Changes

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Hi All,

As you're probably aware from many companies contacting you recently to see if you want to stay in touch, the new GDPR regulation comes in on Friday. 

The software we use does not allow us to remove everyone from the mailing lists (which we don't really use) and then ask you to opt-in, so instead we've sent out a note to anyone already opted in telling them how to unsubscribe - so apologies to the 4,707 people who have 

In addition to this, we've made some minor updates to the T&Cs which you'll have seen when you visited the site from today (23/05) onwards and would have needed to agree to. This also covers your 'right to be forgotten' - under which we can remove your account details upon request. Should you opt to do this now or in the future, your posts will remain but will be attributed to an anonymised username.

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