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Replacement of Bretagne

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12 minutes ago, tarbyonline said:

Hearing some worrying numbers, but it’s early days.  

Which part of the operation? Ireland to Spain or Ireland to France? Ed. 

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Just now, Cabin-boy said:

Which part of the operation? Ireland to Spain or Ireland to France? Ed. 

Ireland to Spain in particular for both passengers and freight.  As I say though, it’s very early days.  A contact in the haulage industry has told me that with the rates they are charging things are unlikely to pick up though, as it doesn’t make financial sense for them to use the service.  Still BF have some very ambitious targets for the route according to Spanish media, so perhaps things will change.  

It will be interesting to see how Connemara does to France in the winter months, especially with no Irish Ferries service from Rosslare this year.  The choice will be between a Stena visentini from rosslare or a BF visentini from Cork (or of course an Irish Ferries visentini from Dublin).  Mind you, companies already have existing contracts with the established year round operators.  Passenger demand can’t be that great else capacity would be increasing rather than being reduced.  Of course BF’s U.K. to France services benefit from those using the land bridge, so the more frequent and now year round France service could have a (small?) impact there as well if it takes off.  Land bridge is still attractive to freight as it’s gives extra opportunity to drop off and pick up partial loads on the way.  For now at least....

With regard to using Bretagne from Ireland to France, I’m not sure whether the demand is there.  The size of her vehicle decks would be a handicap - some argue even Oscar Wilde, a hugely successful vessel with passengers, is on borrowed time partially for the same reason.  Bretagne, though much loved, is a vessel from another era.  I personally hope she stays in the BF fleet, but whether that will happen with them talking of replacing her remains to be seen.

Sorry to ramble on, I’m just thinking out loud really!

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