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Visited Sandbanks yesterday in my way to the Poole Boat Show, couple of pictures attached of the Barfleur, MN Pelican and Condor Liberation. Nice place to watch the ferries at Sandbanks, and fairly lucky with Brambles Bush Bay being on the Purbrook side for both Barfleur and MN Pelican. Barfleur looks a lot better condition paintwise than Normandie, shows how the more extensive / longer Caen route has bigger impact.

Barfleur 1.jpg

Barfleur 2.jpg

Barfleur 3.jpg

Barfleur 4.jpg

Barfleur and MN Pelican 1.jpg

Condor Liberation 1.jpg

Condor Liberation 2.jpg

MN Pelican 1.jpg

MN Pelican 2.jpg

MN Pelican 3.jpg

MN Pelican 4.jpg

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40 minutes ago, The Ferry Man said:

Nice - shame I missed that!

I missed it too as well, I only found out via a Facebook story on it.  Been trying to find film footage of it.  I didn’t actually go to the show as it was too hot on the day and too crowded.  I would have gone if there were any warships about that were open.

if I can find any footage I’ll share it.

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