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New Dover Strait Tonnage for P&O.

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Perhaps they should add that views of the White Cliffs are not a feature of the ship and entirely weather dependent... as for 'panoramic sea views', perhaps someone should tell P&O the rest of us

Azipods are very common on cruise ships, not universally used (for example almost all the P&O Cruises and Princess fleets don't have them, except for P&O's Arcadia as it is a different design

Although I agree the Strait of Georgia has less fetch, it is some 45km wide on the crossing from Horseshoe Bay - Nanaimo and has strong tidal currents in places. The Strait of Dover is around 33km wid

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Not really, anchors and associated equipment are at the bow, no need for the higher bulwarks at the stern or a requirement as a ferry in sheltered waters, on the odd times it is rough going to Portsmouth she would just turn round at the beacon and go bow first to Pompey.

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