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1 hour ago, Gareth said:

The other mystery is why, if (as several have posted) she was doing well on the Poole - Santander route, she was removed from it in the first place.  The charter terms to Stena must have been very favourable.

Somewhere in the distant past on this site there was a discussion about that, she also did Poole -  Cherbourg as well, and that wasn’t very busy.  The amount of freight could be carried by Barfleur AND keep a pax service as well.  I remember something about it because when did she go to Stena and when was it Barfleur came back from DFDS?  BF stopped the summer service with Condor as well when Barfleur returned.  There isn’t enough freight between Poole and Cherbourg to sustain Cotentin doing it.  

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Yes I completely see that the Cherbourg route was not needed.  But that doesn’t explain why she was taken off Santander.

Maybe it was because 2 round trips per week was not enough to make her viable, and she was too slow to fit in 3 so the Cherbourg runs were necessary to fill her time.  But ran half empty.

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