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Normandie 04/08

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Hello, I don't usually post on here but love the site anyway.

I've just disembarked from the 16:30 Caen - Portsmouth crossing on board the Normandie, and wondered if anyone knew of any problems?

We were an hour late leaving and boarding seemed to take twice as long as usual. The car deck staff didn't seem overly confident in what they were doing which made me wonder if they'd been drafted in because of a shortage?

When arriving in Portsmouth, passengers were permitted to go to the garages all at once, which I found strange as it is usually a deck at a time. This resulted in chaos as you can imagine! They were also asking passengers to open the garage doors themselves via the intercom - is this normal? I have never seen them do this before.

As we disembarked, it became evident that we and the adjacent cars were parked on top of the hinge (for the car deck that is raised to allow cars to park underneath). They then proceeded to reposition every car so that the ramp could move!

I have never experienced such chaos on board BF - they are usually very smooth! What happened to cause such an even this evening?


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