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Busiest ferry port in La Manche

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Just as well this theme-park is not in the US or shipping companies would be suing it for copyright infringement 😁

Then it would probably have to close down...

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5 hours ago, rileyman said:


All the times that we have been to Bricquebec we have never found the 'Port' !!!!


You have to be brave and negotiate some very narrow and winding shipping lanes for about 3 miles out of town off the road to Brix / Sottevast. It costs two euros to drive a ship for 15 minutes, avoiding the crocodiles. And 50cents for a bottle of iced water. I think it is a hobby for the family there as they can't make much profit and they seem to enjoy making an equal fuss of two old folk like us as they do of the children. A lovely spot.


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