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Patience needed

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All was good at first on Pont Aven from Plymouth on Thursday evening 9/8/18.  

Despte her coming in late from Spain we did get early boarding, even though the cabin cleaners were working flat out to get things shipshape - so rather than climb over them we went for a meal. The restaurant staff were as pleasant as ever despite saying they had had a tough week and were looking forward to going ashore when we arrived. The captain thoughtfully paused near the breakwater for us to watch the fireworks championships from the windows in La Flora. The pianist was in full flow. The beds weren't too hard - well they were just a bit hard. 

We arrived at Roscoff this morning on time and the bow doors were opened promptly at 8 a.m - but then it was 8.55 before those of of us at the back of Deck 4 even started our car engines and 9.15 as we crawled through passport control. I'm not used to peak season travel when the ship is as full as this.

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Glad the early boarding worked out ok Wortley - I thought it would.  Must have been quite something watching those fireworks from Le Flora.

Yes, it takes a good while to disembark from deck 4.  Bretagne deck 5 gets all the bad press, but I reckon Pont Aven deck 4 takes just as long.  One advantage of PA deck 4 is that you can peek over the side and get a good view of everything going on down below!

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