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David Williams

Routing to Spain

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Was in Le Conquet in 2016 and couldnt believe it when I saw Cap passing by so close 


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17 hours ago, JohnMustow said:

Got to disagree we start for Portsmouth from either Coventry or Milton Keynes and in either case the travel time is 1.5-2hrs if we were to head to Plymouth it would be a minimum of 4.5hr and if traffic was bad could be up to 10hrs as happened to me more than once!

I can see the point when your based in Coventry, Milton Keynes and the likes of Newport Pagnell, Northampton and even Leicester, it's simple and easy enough to get across to Banbury then you're away and I appreciate that most drivers are in a car.

Further ramblings from the meandering mind...

The Hindhead tunnel has been a bit of a game changer too PIP is now quicker to get to from London than Dover plus we always enjoyed the trip down the A3 when I worked for a bit in Northampton, driving through Guildford is very similar to navigating the A34 around Oxford, I spent a few Friday and Sunday nights doing that in the early '90's travelling from Swansea.

In the van we know it's going to take hours anyway, in either case 7-8 hours with a couple of stops, twice as long as the car so I need a different mindset. In the motorhome it's about leisure not predominantly about how quick we can get there. The drive for us is 7 motorways and 3 A roads to Portsmouth with speed restrictions due to weight, I can only do 60 mph on a dual carriageway A road and 50 on a single lane A road so changing from the A1M to the A1 and the A42 to the M42 which usually goes by unnoticed in a car, has a significant impact on speed. We always leave quite early, Plymouth isn't a noticeably longer journey for us really.

I think congestion wise it's very much swings and roundabouts apart from the usual hotspots around Doncaster and the M1 expansion approaching Castle Donnington. When it was really bad I spent more time on the A38, opposed to that we travelled to Yeovilton in July, the M5 was empty and that was a Thursday.

When we lived in Haverfordwest, Plymouth took just as long as Portsmouth and could be a nightmare, so much so that on many occasions we'd nip across to Rosslare then board Oscar Wilde when heading to France when there was no space on Bretagne.

As far as ports for Spain go I used to turn my nose up at Plymouth simply because I wanted to spend more time at sea as at the time it didn't happen often now it's because I'm not PA's biggest fan and opt for BDS and CF at every opportunity.

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On 14/09/2018 at 17:13, georgem7 said:

I have given it some thought and I believe the best solution for Spain post-2021 is:

Galicia and Salamanca would dedicate themselves to Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao respectively. Will they be fast enough to fit three rotations each? 

Pont-Aven would introduce a second rotation between Plymouth and Santander in lieu to Cork. She would return to Plymouth Friday morning and leave for Santander at 15:45, leaving Santander at around 17:00 Saturday to be back in time for the 15:45 Sunday crossing. 

Cap Finistere would become dedicated Irish ship (with maybe two Cork Roscoff sailings to compensate and maybe 1 Cork Santander sailing?) 

Result: extra Portsmouth sailing, extra Plymouth sailing, Ireland maintained. Wouldn't need Pelican, Etretat or BDS. 


On 14/09/2018 at 19:05, Cabin-boy said:

She goes into Roscoff every Monday for a crew change (and to pick up some French passengers) so no problem there. The size might be an issue in Cork which I think was discussed elsewhere recently. Ed. 

I like that!! 

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