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Stena Freighter to become rocket pad

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  • 2 years later...

Stena Freighter is still under conversion in Pensacola, Florida, but now has a new name  - Jacklyn after Jeff Bezos's mother.

The two funnels have now gone replaced by funnel stumps and the rear ramp has been replaced by a solid stern. No longer a RoRo now a FoLo (Fly On Lift Off).


Photos - Eric Flood (Twitter @EricFlo19671974)

There is no rush to finish the work as now Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket initial launch is NET Q4 2022. 

The photo shows a model of the finished ship with the first stage of the new Glenn rocket on deck after landing.


Photo - Jeff Bezos with both Jacklyns from Jeff Bezos Instagram.

The plan is the mobile spaceport aka landing ship will be under way at around 4 - 5 knots when the rocket lands. It will interesting to see the crewing arrangements when in action as a landing ship. SpaceX, who use Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ships, evacuate personnel to some distance off when the 70m high Falcon 9 first stage lands and the New Glenn is larger at 98m.

Now SpaceX is converting two ex oil rigs to act as spaceports for their new StarShip launch system.

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