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Portsmouth Harbour - Barriers Installed

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Barriers now in use. Will be a interesting to see a Wight Ryder amount of passengers having to ask to be let through to get in/out... especially in the summer

Edit: Fratton is equally good - the station building has lost most of it's space to them

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I used them on Thursday too. The gates were held  open while the stream of arriving Wightlink passengers went through. On my return journey later in the evening I was met by a closed gate and was asked by the gatekeeper ‘Wightlink’?, to which I responded yes (truthfully, as it happens) and was let through.

I have yet to explore what happens in other situations eg when you leave the platforms, try to use the station toilets only to find that they are out of action (a very common state of affairs) and need to return through the barrier to use the Wightlink toilets.

Incidentally, although Wightlink have placed a notice at the entrance to their ramp to the effect that their passengers can go through the barriers, there is no such notice where it is more needed, on the ‘landward’ side of the barrier, so that those unfamiliar with the layout do not waste time looking for an alternative route to the ferry avoiding the barrier.

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An update on the barriers - one gate has now been designated the Wightlink gate, with bright blue decals on it. This does at least make it easier for first-time visitors to know where to go, ie through the barrier as opposed to looking for an unobstructed route elsewhere. But the gate still has to be opened by the attendant. Last night I was looked at a bit suspiciously when I asked to be let through a full hour before the next (last) ferry, but none of the alternative attractions on the Hard appealed on a bitterly cold evening!

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