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Pets in transit

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I used to do pet transport i.e. Spain to uk etc.it shocked me many times that owners let there pets transported by cowboys in transit/ Luton vans etc.i used to see them pull up at bilbao /santander in vans with no air con with pets locked in the back with no natural light and no air con.the smell off the dogs which must of been left in the back for many hours is disgusting.just think of the heat that is building up in them tin boxes.yet I still see it going on many many transport companies state we transport dog but where are they put?yes in the back of vehicles in other words in a oven law in Spain says no pets  are allowed in the front of vehicles.i raised this point with the rspca in Portsmouth and the answer was nothing to do with us it up to the Spanish to do checks.i even asked the driver but they just shrug there shoulders and say we only drive for the company and know the pets are suffering in the back.what surprised me one driver said when we get back to the uk we meet other drivers in nice clean vehicles to take pet to there owners.SO owners please check these cowboys out before you trust them and ask how and where and if any aircon or heating is fitted for pet care.in the back of these vans or trucks.i thought I would put it onto this website because I read a thread about rspca are corncerned about welfare of pets on long crossings.i think they should start looking at the pick up points of pets and during there trip to ferry ports in Spain .sorry about going on a bit it just makes me mad when pet owners pay a lot of money for pets to be looked after but in the real world are treated very badly.last point there is some very good companies out there and I don't tar them with the same brush.just do your checks and ask around.

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