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Honfleur - The Launch

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Now the W D Yeats has set sail the Honfleur has been moved ahead of the lifting of the first accomodation Black tomorrow. 

Great video, thanks! And to think, that's just the kennels for those travelling with dogs. I can't wait until they start on the cabins for the rest of us. ūüėÄ Ed.¬†

Neither of those impreza280, it’s all to do with the Champagne they smash on the hull. Called the exploding bottle effect it triggers an imperceptible shock wave that’s just enough to send the ship on

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11 minutes ago, jonno said:

Top coverage with the BFE twitter feed and FSG's pier cam. My thanks to both Jim and Andy.

I'm merely sat in an office near Winchester... Andy's the one up a ladder in Germany!

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1 hour ago, Andy said:

Yes, two more freight vessels for FSGs parent group before the second Irish Ferries ship. 

The block on the left? That is the funnel for Honfleur, which will crown the ship on 7th January.


I can't fathom out what those glass windows are for?

Perhaps you will be able to look through the glass like in the Science Museem, and see how clean the smoke is! :)

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