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Latest Fleet Book Publication.

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The new edition of Ferry Publication's Brittany Ferries fleet book has finally arrived resplendent in the new font and livery. 

Every vessel is beautifully illustrated thanks to specially commissioned drawings.

Towards the back there are fine images of Honfleur during construction, an artists impression plus a still from the short cgi film. What's interesting is that the accompanying text refers to her in the past tense.

Overleaf there is the same for the E- Flexers using Galicia as the illustrated example.

Interesting chapters on Truckline, including Barfy as was, past liveries plus further info on BF's charter history from Poseidon (minus Gene Hackman!) right up to Baie de Seine. The book finishes with a section on the later history of the vessels once seen in sailing for BF. I took note that Cotentin is pictured in full Stena livery and not an abbreviated version one might expect to see on a chartered ship.

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I am going to order mine from Waterstones if I can as I can collect it from the shop.  Was going to buy it in Armorique’s shop but that was a no goer this month!  I have a list of books I want to order anyway so can pop that one on as well.

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