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Piracy or stowaways

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The offence does still exist but appears to be a little outdated 


The CPS seems to prefer hijacking as a more general term. 


Perhaps in this case affray was the simplest option as it allows for the speediest expulsion after sentencing and least cost to the tax-payer. Ed

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15 hours ago, DucdeNormandie said:

also piracy relates to the  high seas and they were in British territorial waters I think when  the incident occured.

How convenient! 🤣 

But anyway, and to paraphrase Monty Python with a date-appropriate comment, 'they are not son-of-gun pirates, just very naughty boys!' 


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1 hour ago, Cabin-boy said:

Those deemed responsibile for the attempted hijacking have now been charged. 




Good and as we can prove where they came from they must be deported asap..Personally I wouldnt bother charging them, just deport them, which is roughly what the French would do..

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