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Guesstimate of freight rates, anyone?

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Dear all

One of my UK chums is planning a property event here in Normandy – his first in France. Not sure why, with all the Brexit uncertainty, but he reckons his rich clients have funds already in euro-land and beyond. The date is mid May.

For UK events he uses a van to transport display kit and crew and hopes to use it for this project also. It's a VW Transporter Kombi LWB with a top box. His admin lady rang BF to get an idea of pricing, but was kept hanging on for a while and gave up.

Can anyone give me a guesstimate, however approx, of the likely cost? Or should he just book a transport co?


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2 hours ago, Aphrodite said:

Why not contact BF?  You won't need to guess then. 

He did say they contacted BF and did not get an answer.  I would have thought as it's just an over size van they could get a price on the bookings site.

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Thanks, Solo

Didn't occur to my friends or me that the van would show up in the web fares look-up. But it does, thanks.

In fact they spoke to BF yesterday and now have the "real" price.

Interestingly, part of their sales pitch is

[1] to expats and others with capital either already held in the EU27 or other non-UK tax regimes (Jersey, IoM, Switzerland etc) – or heading this way

[2] to Brexit "departees and relocatees" [NOT my phrase] who can put some of the cash raised from selling their £million-plus homes in London into a Normandy farmhouse with maybe a couple of gites.

The concept is that a Normandy property will be a safe investment away from post-Brexit turmoil, but near enough for long weekends etc. Particularly with the arrival of Honfleur and (apparently) there's also the prospect of improved air links.

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