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King Seaways ORCA Wildlife Viewing Lounge

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Hi All,

I am planning a trip on the King in a few weeks, does anyone know if the Observation Lounge is open during the winter months.  Last time I sailed the observation lounge was open to the public but chargeable, it was then a quiet lounge!  I notice online it has changed once again this time to the ORCA Wildlife viewing lounge.

It says online that 'The wildlife watching experience is free of charge and is available onboard KING Seaways from March until September. Simply visit the ORCA Wildlife Lounge to find out more'

Just curious if that means the lounge is closed for the winter or whether it just means the experience doesn't run over the winter.  I love sitting in the observation lounge, despite most the voyage being in the dark!! Be a shame if it's shut!

Does anyone have any pictures of the Lounge as it is now? 

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