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In 1973/4 Brading, Shanklin & Southsea all spent some moths at the Humber Graving Dock at Immingham. Does anyone know what work was carried out on them for such a long time at the shipyard?

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Yes, according to Alan Brown's book on Shanklin/Prince Ivanhoe the following work was done:

External steelwork grit blasted

Wooden decking where the mechanical gangways dropped onto the ship replaced with steel.

Main lounge walls relined with formica panels and vinyl flooring laid in the passages

Lower lounges were fitted with tables and plastic chairs..

Changes and improvements to the internal seating pattern arrangements to give a more luxurious feel.

Bridge control of the engines was also installed but this proved unsatisfactory in Shankini which reverted to engine room control.(The two earlier ships were fitted with gearboxes to switch between ahead and astern but to save money Shanklin was fitted with reversible diesels which had to be stopped and restarted. This gave raise to handling problems when coming alongside which was why Shanklin spent a lot of her later career on excursion cruising duties with Southsea and Brading carrying most of the regular traffic with Shanklin acting as third boat at busy times such as summer Saturdays and as a stand in if one of the others was off service. By the late 1970s two ships could pretty much cope with declining holiday traffic levels as more people went abroad.)

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