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ex-Benodet/Corbierre sold for C$2.1m

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Spotted the following on Shippax after taking a look at the eflexer link from another thread:

STQ acquires the 1970 build Apollo for CAD2.1m.

I'm not a member of Shippax so can only see the picture and 1st sentence but unless I'm mistaken, that's the ex-Benodet/Corbierre.

If it's the same boat I'm staggered that it's still going nearly 50 years on despite launching prior to the Penn-ar-Bed and Quiberon (with both of the latter having been scrapped).

(mods, thought it appropriate to post in the BF discussion board as it's an ex-BF boat. Feel free to move if necessary).


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It is the ex-Corbiere. She's being replaced in her previous role by some second hand double-enders of dubious merit but has found another role with an operator whose purpose-build, the Fincantieri-built F A Gauthier, appears to be having serious issues.

This report gives some more background and also mentions that the CTMA Vacancier (ex-Irish Ferries Saint Patrick II) was chartered to cover for a period before the Apollo was acquired -



The Apollo is a real trooper, still very similar to her final European role on board and despite being the first of the class has outlasted almost all of them. This is the picture her new owners have on their website -



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My first trips to the Channel Islands were on Corbiere so I was saddened to read a follow up to the vessel's sale.  

It looks like it could be the end now following two crashes 😢 




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