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Victoria of Wight

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Not necessary! He's already very well trained. 😀 Ed. 

I'm trying to understand which out of that model or the real thing are least visually offensive!

I think the same was true of her eponym, but not until later in life. Ed. 

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17 hours ago, adicat said:

Yes 99.8% of services ran with 97% on time for last month. Very much improved indeed. 😁

I agree it is true that reliability has improved greatly (notwithstanding today’s breakdown).

But I would treat the published reliability figures with suspicion. For instance, the prolonged absence in August of one of the two cats was hardly reflected in the figures - in such situations Wightlink presumably simply declare a new timetable rather than admit that there have been cancellations.

As anyone who has been involved in setting or monitoring performance measures will know, temptations to skew results in one’s favour are hard to resist.

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Faith running a late 8am from Portsmouth by the looks of it. Should think only die hards going over today as weather awful. VOW even if fixed would not be risked for a first run out in these winds I would think.

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'St Faith' was due to visit Albert Johnson Quay at Portsmouth International Port on November 11th prior to going to Dunkerque, but this movement has been removed from the schedule. I'm wondering if her dry docking as been postponed because of the problem with 'Victoria of Wight.

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They had to leave the Royal Mail artic off it's booked 1400 today as too much list on St Faith. Ironically it was the usual 1300 booked Asda high artic that caused most of the list. Had 4 coaches and a rigid on the port side but even the deck and under could not correct it enough for postie.

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1 hour ago, TonyMWeaver said:

'Wight Sun' is en route to Portsmouth as cover for 'Victoria of Wight', 'St Faith' might make her dry dock slot in Dunkerque after all.

Poor old Wightlink, that's like Thomas the Tank with Annie and Clarabel trying to cover for a Eurostar!

Good luck to them, but I can't help but think Faith might make a better job of covering it, even minus a mezz deck.

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