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Plymouth Roscoff 24 hour trip

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Thanks to the BFE offer we took our Granddaughter across to Roscoff this weekend on the Armorique. Boarding was due to start at 8.00 which was a bit optimistic considering the Arm only docked at 7.00 but we were not waiting to long after 8.00 to start boarding, there appeared to be quite a few trucks going over and a reasonable amount of other traffic for the time of year.  After dropping our bags it was down to the Bar for a couple of drinks, the crossing was not bad a bit of roll but not to much.

We spent the day visiting Morlaix for the market and some shopping then down the river to Carantec and St Pol De Leon, it was noticeable how many of the small shops have closed just the same as home here.  During the afternoon we called in on Chris, what a charming chap, if you visit Roscoff check when he's there and call in.

On the return we could board from 6.00 so that's what we did and ate on the ferry.  The ferry was not very busy with only one truck and a few unaccompanied trailers and not very many other passengers either.  I noticed that they turned the trucks around to face the stern so we were going to be stern instead of bow in at Plymouth.  The crossing started not to bad but during the night it changed with more rolling and banging as she hit the waves, after a while it went quiet and I thought had we rushed across and got into shelter but then we started banging again.  Arriving in Plymouth there was a tug waiting for us and helped with berthing which seemed to take a while, I don't know if it was berthing the other way around or just the strength of wind pushing her away from the berth, the bow thrusters were working for some time to push us in.  After we got home I looked up the route on AIS we had gone NE from Roscoff, hence the quiet start and then turned NW when it felt a lot worse, then another short time going NE before turning NW for Plymouth, I presume they made it as quiet as possible to start the crossing so everyone could settle for the night before we had the rough bit.

Many thanks to BF and BFE for the 24hr offer, it makes for a nice but tiring weekend.  Off again in 3 weeks with the cycling club.

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