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I have come into possession of some 1902 Model Engineer mags which contain details and drawings of contemporary paddle steamers. If these would interest anybody pm me and I'll post the list. I'm quite willing to scan same for anybody interested.

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The real thing is still sailing !  

The Kingswear Castle - the last coal fired paddle steamer, and now 95 years old - is still sailing on the river Dart. BBC South West ran a pretty film this evening, which some of you may be able to find, but here's a photo to tempt one or two of you to visit Dartmouth. 


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If anyone is interested in river cruising and wants to discover the Loire we have a paddle-cruiser which comes through our village a couple of times per week in the season. It was built in St Nazaire but has had a few teething problems due to power issues, running aground, bridge clearance and capsizing the tug boat sent to help out. But other than all that, it's fine. Here is the link:



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