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It’s been a while....

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We 3 are off to St Malo on 15th for a couple of nights in St Malo, back on the 18th...I first travelled on the Bretagne 30yrs ago and numerous times since, this will be a much awaited return. Club outbound/ Commodore inbound - looking forward to Les Abers and tossing a G&T over the side for my old fella in the Alderney race.....

After regularly visiting up until a couple of years ago, what have I missed by way of developments - I hear the street parking charges for up by the Casino and beyond have caused some tears?  The Hotel (l’Adresse) is offering €20/day for parking, but surely street parking should be a more flexible/value choice?

Highlight will be a seafood feast at La Cabane, last visit was epic (if a distant memory).

Will post a report when it’s all digested....

if there’s anything I should know, tell me now!




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Well a good trip all round, except for SWMBO getting the dodgy Oyster - made for a quiet crossing today!

Check In on 15th was a bit drawn out, just unlucky to be nearly the last one on despite being checked in good and early.  Late departure, Club Cabin on Deck 8 was tiny, clean, stuffy, but thankfully quiet.  

Dinner in Les Abers was pretty good as usual, although the Main courses have ‘gone a bit Masterchef’ - never the less the Asian spiced Lamb was excellent.

Arrived early in St Malo to a dreary and drizzly day, but soon burnt off and a typically Bretagne couple of days of sun seafood and strolling followed - even squeezed a trip over to Dinard on the Corsair Water Taxi.  A sizeable Cruise liner was moored in the mouth of the Rance which was disgorging hundreds of Americans into port at the Gare Maritime.

Hotel accommodation at L’Adresse couldn’t be faulted, clean, modern and spacious Junior Suite with a great brekky choice - the fridge in the room looked after the Gin and cheese purchases from M L’eclerc.  Parking is a bit manic now, but worked out pretty cheap for the time we were about - 36hrs worked out to €5.40 for long stay on street ‘Payant’.

Seafood Feast at La Cabane was again epic, will be back in October!

Return leg was easy, a half empty boat!  Boarded as 5th vehicle onto Deck 5 and one flight of steps and we were in to 6103 - Commodore Class was tired and showing age but clean and functional.

Lots of patching maintenance underway on the top sides as the rust is lifting the paint, an angle grinder and chipping hammer were noticeable!

Lunch was fine in Les Abers and several hours out the back in the hazy sun were a bonus, although wind direction made the exhaust fumes pretty evident - as was the black smoke trail! A delayed arrival to Portsmouth (reason unknown) meant being kicked out of cabins early so the turnaround could start before docking (which is annoying when you all get corralled into a hot scrum outside the pursers office waiting to access the car deck)

However, rapid disembarkation and security clearance, followed by a smooth 98miles home in 2hrs meant overall it was a pretty good trip with BF on the old girl - still a class act👍

Looking forward to the next trip, will not be waiting Two years this time - when does the Bretagne get moved off the route?




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Thanks for that, nice report,glad you had a good trip and enjoyed the Bretagne..Many of us still do warts and all..So they are still using deck 5 even with a half empty ship???? 😕..Although rumours of a replacement for the Bretagne keep surfacing, so far nothing definite has been announced so she should be available for your next trip...

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