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Just for the record here she is. There seemed to be a good few cars lined up for embarcation, weather here pretty calm and sunny so there should be a good view passing le Cap de la Hague. Chris

Thought I’d put a pic of Lib up, was killing time to go across on the chain ferry yesterday to take pics of Connemara, and she appeared.  Recently out of dry dock, not sure if she’s been painted or no

She may even be able to operate without the hassle of having to load and unload passengers!  Should improve reliability enormously. 🤣

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11 hours ago, Khaines said:

So that would mean that NEX would have something similar fitted then,  should she ever operate the Islands.  If Libby needs such large modifications then surely NEX would have to have likewise...😉😉😉😉.  Would those small wings she has be unsuitable then, and if not, then how come Libby needs such huge abominations.

I think Normandie would ideally need something similiar if she ever ended up coming to Guernsey and Jersey on regular service. I think Condor were trying to do the best thing by adding those bridge wings.

I agree with you though, Libby is far better looking without them. She is from a side on view, a good looking craft.


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11 hours ago, Fine Whine said:

Exactly Tony, that’s what I tried to point out earlier. Not just a crew member though as I’ve only ever seen the Captain go in there to manoeuvre the vessel once close to the berth. There’s a door to the ‘bridge wing’, access to the emergency chute and a separate door for life jackets. But maybe they are one and the same because life jackets are stored under seats - I must check up once she resumes service in May.


Yes, they are 'maneuvering stations' where the Captain goes for all arrivals and departures. This allows full sight of the length of the vessel when coming on/off the berth.

If i recall correctly the Norman Arrow didn't have these, with views provided by cameras on the central bridge... but history showed these were far from ideal! Nothing beats the naked eye!

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1 hour ago, hhvferry said:

The Liberation's bridge wings aren't actually that much different from a remote docking station - they are down a level and not visible from the central console so rather different to a conventional bridge arrangement -



Also a place for office and admin storage!!

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This comment today on a Guernsey Press news story on our tourism strategy and Condor, sums up the problem of our Poole service so well. It's not just issues of reliability but the schedule that has led passenger figures on the Poole route to fall of a cliff in recent years.


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