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Booking on line with Condor etc

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Having decided a change from Brittany for later this year, we booked an  apartment in St Helier via Airbnb and for the first time ever are travelling on a fast ferry Liberation from Poole, with Horizon lounge seating and our small car.  (You can't book self catering holidays with Condor on line)  The cost was almost identical to flying from East Midlands and hiring a car.

BF, I  take it all back! in comparison your new website booking process is so easy in comparison to the Condor site!  When booking we had several attempts before we achieved what we wanted, and had further issues making the card payment.  So I got an e-mail reservation confirmation number, followed by a further e-mail asking if I wanted to resume my booking?  Unsure therefore if all ok, I telephoned the advice and help number for reassurance, an automated message said they were busy and offered call back after 10mins.  I got that call back 90mins later, all was ok, the lady was pleasant, but puzzled at me calling.  Phew!

The food menus for Liberation are very different to the BF offerings - any recommendations or otherwise on those? I also have a pre-conception that the ferry will be noisy and vibrate a lot - does it?


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The buses in Jersey are pretty good, run on Sundays and are practical for those who are slightly nervous about driving a hire car, or their own, down some very narrow lanes. 

As for the answers to the original post, I've never had any major issues with the Condor website except for a button occasionally being inaccessible on certain smartphones. The problem is generally rectified by switching to landscape mode. 

As to Liberation, you are in for a treat. You don't say exactly when you are travelling but assuming the weather is reasonable you will find her quiet and with very little vibration. She does roll from side to side at slower speeds but when turning at high speed seems to skip across the waves with a sensation you are unlikely to have experienced before. I think she's great and regret not being able to book a through trip from St Malo to Poole on her. The food options are certainly less extensive but seem reasonable. They do have a new pizza oven on board now and, although I didn't try one when travelling back to Jersey in April, they looked and smelled pretty good. If the weather is nice, grab a couple of seats outside in the sheltered area on the top deck and enjoy the ride and perhaps see some dolphins near Guernsey. 


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Right, Nottingham, I've tried the Condor pizza so you don't have to. But, it was actually really good. They asked me to come and collect it in 5 minutes once it was oven cooked. I don't know if it started out frozen but the taste was fine (just cheese and tomato) and not too big for one. Perhaps a little on the salty side but certainly nothing to complain about. That was obviously on Condor Rapide but I'm sure the Liberation ones are the same. Ed


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The only issue I have had over the years with Jersey buses is the fact that it all starts and finishes at the bus station. If you want to go from a point on a coast round to the next one which is served by a different service number you have to go back to St Helier and out again.

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