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Paul M

Condor ferries

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Hi, Any thoughts regarding this situation would be much appreciated.

1. I wish to book accommodation in Jersey or Sark, possibly Airbnb, for the first week in April, but don't wish to confirm/pay for anything until I have a clear idea of ferry times/costs, etc.

2.  I've tried to book crossings from Jersey to Poole, via Condor ferries, in late March/early April 2020. This is only 8 months away. But this is not possible as yet. I've been informed by Condor that this might be possible around 16th September. Unfortunately the accommodation I've selected might not be available then.

3. So we have a chicken and egg situation here. Do I book the accommodation in thhe hope that a ferry might be operative?

4. I understand that Brittany Ferries may be buying Condor. Has this possibility had an impact on Condor's ability to plan timetables/costs in 8 months time?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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Hi Paul

Welcome to the site.

If I were you, I’d go ahead and book the accommodation on the basis that, although the details are unknown, there will be options for ferry travel.  Then book the ferry when booking opens.

In the unlikely event that Liberation is not sailing, worst case scenario you can always cross to Cherbourg and then take the ferry up from St Malo.  Or go from Portsmouth (as it is almost inconceivable that there would be no sailings from Poole and Portsmouth at the same time).  But it is most likely that you will be able to get the ferry directly from Poole.

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