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oh memories > The Quiberon (& Val)  > The start with my love affair with BF & travelling to France...  My opinion, the late 80’s~90’s were when BF were on top form with their service with a true Breton experience.

Some people hated the Quiberon & If I recall right she got the nickname “Rustbucket” after a fire onboard and when the Bretagne joined the fleet thanks to the Daily Mail (enough said about daily mail readers...)

Nothing was better then a mid-afternoon  crossing & a compulsory visit to “Le Sinagot” en route...

A true-mainstay & workhorse on the Plymouth~Roscoff route   During the late 70’s>00’s, Sadly missed (by me)

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Quiberon was a 70s ferry, in that she was built in 1975.  She joined the BF fleet in 1982, initially as the Santander etc ship to release Armorique (I) back to St Malo.  She became the main Plymouth - Roscoff ship in 1989, after being displaced on the “flagship” rota by Bretagne.  Her move, in that year, to Plymouth/Roscoff triggered the release of Tregastel to move across to the Truckline (as it was then) route from Poole.  Quiberon lasted as the main Plymouth-Roscoff ship until replaced by Duc de Normandie in around 2002 (in a fleet redeployment relating to the arrival of MSM).  So her stint on Plymouth-Roscoff lasted just over a decade (1989 - 2002).

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