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Parking on Normandie

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53 minutes ago, Fine Whine said:

Ok point taken but I would still query that fact as they can only take a limited number of pets per crossing (as I found out myself a couple of weeks ago), and certainly not 261 which is the number of cabins on Honfleur. Dog friendly to me spells no carpet, only a vinyl floor....yuk!

I’m back to France again on Wednesday, I’ll try to get clarification on that one.


I thought that was a wind-up till I read Jonnos attachment!

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42 minutes ago, David Williams said:

Looking at next September, the Honfleur shows the following cabins:-

The pet friendly ones are shown separately with a different price.


I agree, there's certainly a definite change to the floor covering although I think one is lino and the other is fake wooden strips (which they all seem to be doing now) and as you point out David, why would BF market them separately?

I wonder if BF have reviewed their internal spec' since the build delay as the link also highlights 6 berth family cabins. Shame there's no commodore's either.

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