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Mutiny on the France 🇫🇷

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A sad story, that of the France.  Withdrawn long before her time, left languishing in the backwaters of Le Havre for years before a future was secured with Norwegian Carribean.  Then a not uneventful time in the Carribean, culminating in the boiler explosion that ended her career.  She deserved better.

Viking III remains, at the grand old age of 55 this year, the only former Townsend Thoresen passenger ferry still operational.  By contrast with France, she has had an amazingly long life and is still going strong.

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When Norway came into Cherbourg I took my two neighbours to see her. One a retired teacher and the other a retired butcher - and neither known for periods of silence of more than, probably, 20 seconds maximum, But from the moment that we first set eyes on her, until we got back into the car an hour later, neither uttered a single word. But their emotion was tangible - even though neither of them had ever sailed on her. I have to say, she was a fine looking ship.

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