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On 11/01/2020 at 18:53, The Ferry Man said:

I think a lot of people would be pleased if that was the Burgundy!

Quite - if I were one of the people of Burgundy I'd be demanding a name change. Nothing to be proud of.

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6 minutes ago, hf_uk said:

A Val sister isn't she?

the picture shown is yes - one of the ex - Olau twins. Pride of Burgundy isn't though, she's a classic freighter that was converted to passenger ferry while in the building yard.  Like Armorique!

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48 minutes ago, hf_uk said:

A Val sister isn't she?

Yes she's number 3 of the 4 built. Olau Hollandia - Pride of Le Havre - SNAV Sardegna - GNV Cristal, the image is stock available on ShipSpotting.com. She's only had two owners though, TT LIne & MSC.

Potted history for this rainy Tuesday...

No1, Peter Pan - Spirit of Tasmania - Fjord Norway - Princess of Norway - Princess Seaways. 

No2, Nils Holgersson - Val de Loire - King of Scandinavia - King Seaways.

No4, Olau Britannia - Pride of Portsmouth - SNAV Lazio - GNV Atlas.

The four are enlarged versions of the 1981 built Olau Hollandia & Olau Britannia which still sail today. The former is the Almariya on a route between Spain & Morocco. The latter is more well known having been Julia sailing from Swansea to Cork then Wind Perfection and is now Moby Zaza.

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19 minutes ago, Gareth said:

A difference of note between the TT/DFDS pair and the Olau/P&O pair is that the former had sliding clam bow doors, and the latter had bow visors.

Well noted...If  I recall we once had a chat regarding the very thing. I thought BF fitted them to VDL as part of her bow strengthening.

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